Contract Administration

Condeland Engineering Limited provides on-site inspection and administration of contract works while in progress. Commencing with a Project Pre-Construction Conference, Condeland meets with client representatives and the contractor to compile a submissions list, establish a project schedule with significant milestones, confirm consultants assignments, and prepare for potential difficulties. During the construction period, Condeland conducts continuous site inspections to verify that the methods and materials used conform to regulatory agencies standards and the specifications. For each site visit a written report is provided, including an account of deficiencies and required rectification works. Condeland also reviews engineering drawings, change orders, and contractor payment requests and certifies progress payments as warranted. Our involvement throughout the construction phase helps keep projects on schedule and on budget.

The final phase of construction entails gaining ‘Acceptance’ by the Regional Authorities and Municipalities for final Assumption by these civil agencies. Condeland takes care of developmental security requirements, calculates periodic reductions based on completed works, and ultimately ensures constructed works and deficiency rectifications meet with civil approvals, expediting final security releases on behalf of the developer.

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